Parents Information

St Alban’s Catholic Voluntary Academy

The School Day

08.55 School starts

10.15 Playtime

10.30 School resumes

11.45 Infant lunchtime

12.00 Junior lunchtime

1.00 Afternoon school starts

2.20 Play time

2.30 School resumes

3.30 End of school day

School officially starts at 8:55 am, however, we have an ‘open door’ policy from 8:45 am so children may go into classes from that earlier time. Staff will be available from 8:45am for the ten minutes before school officially starts if parents wish to briefly speak to them. (If there is an important or confidential matter to discuss, an appointment for a more appropriate time can be made.) Please ensure that children are NOT left unattended on the school premises before 8:45 am as school staff are not responsible for children before that time.


Nearby roads, particularly Newstead Avenue and Ismay Road become very congested with parked cars at the beginning and end of the school day. Parents should park their cars in a sensible place, this should not be directly in front of either of the school entrances or blocking people’s drives. For the safety of the children, always park in a position where you will not have to stop, turn or reverse near the school gates. At all times, remember to be courteous to the neighbours surrounding the school.

Parking spaces are available at the nearby shops on Nottingham Road and on Chaddesden Park.

End of the School Day

At the end of the school day, parents are asked to wait for their child either outside the infant entrance or by the Ismay Road gate. If an older brother or sister is collecting your child, please ask them to do likewise. (Staff will not allow a child from FS2 (reception) or Key Stage one (infant child) to leave school with a young person under the age of 16 unless permission has been given by the parent or guardian. FS1 (nursery) children must be collected from the nursery. Any child not collected at home time will remain in school so that the necessary arrangements can be made for their safe return home.